Tube Fittings

Tube Fittings

Front Ferrule

Back Ferrule


Male Connector

Female Connector


Reducing Union

Bulkhead Male Connector

Bulkhead Female Connector

Bulkhead Union

Bulkhead Reducing Union

Tube End Closure

Fitting End Closure

Union Elbow

Male Elbow

Female Elbow

Male Adapter

Female Adapter

Union Cross

Union Tee

Reducing Union Tee

Bulkhead Elbow

Male Run Tee

Male Branch Tee

Female Branch Tee

Female Run Tee



Stellited trim and nest can be provided as optional feature for high pressure and high temperature applications
All Valves are 100% factory tested.
NACE certified wetted parts are available
Bonnet locking pin is fitted as standard Valves are suitable for Gaseous and Aggressive fluid services
Low Torque operating T bar Handle
Valves can be supplied with variety of MOC for Body, Stem, Trim, Glands etc Externally adjustable gland
Angled version available
Fire safe option available to API607, BS 6755 Part 2 (on specific request)
Stem: Rolled and burnished stems at the packing area
Trim: Non-rotating trim enabling self centering of the spindle with the orifice providing bubble tight shutoff
Packing: PTFE packing standard, optional Grapholl for high temperature applications.
Spindle: Backseat stop spindle for blowout prevention
Dust Cap: Protective dust caps provided in general to prevent ingress of contaminants.